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So glad to have you here! My proposition is simple:

  • I am proficient in SEO, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP8, MySQL, OOP, and Bootstrap5 library for your app needs. I offer you a splendid website with cutting edge design and back end database functionality that is guaranteed to attract and retain clientel.
  • I also work with React JS, AJAX, JSON in ES6 environment and the Laravel framework.
  • I offer quality web content, article writing, blog and digital marketing services.
  • My Banking offering is professionally contracted to my current employer and you are assured of quality banking services with me.
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And...guess what?

I am offering massive discounts on ALL services for ALL clients for the rest of 2021!!!


A selection of my past projects are curated below for your kind review:

  • BestGig - A social networking & freelancing app
  • Xfactor - An NGO website
  • Channon FC - club website
  • John Idehai - personal website
  • Articles - excerpts of jobs for ABCFlora Int., Armand De Brignac and a US based crypto dispensing start-up


Thank you for reviewing my proposition and my past projects. Kindly reach me via my contacts below.

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